E-Z Carpet Cleaning Machine

E-Z Carpet Cleaning Machine

Carpet cleaning can be an agonizing task. Although regular maintenance by mild and regular vacuuming is common, the deep cleaning of carpets can be an arduous chore to carry out. However, without deep cleaning the carpet once every year at the least, the valuable pieces of home d├ęcor that bring sophistication to the house flooring can lose their allure. This is due to the frequent accumulation of dust and grit that lies deep in the fabric, which a normal vacuum cleaner is not able to suck, and the gradual growth of resilient stains. Therefore, deep cleaning of carpets becomes important.

Carpet owners can use professional carpet cleaning services once in a while for deep cleaning. However, these services are generally so expensive that an average individual might prefer saving those costs rather than spending it twice a year on these services. Another option is to rent a carpet cleaning machine from a hardware store to get the job done. However, these rented cleaners can come with unexpected and unwelcome surprises. For instance, a few parts of the cleaner could be damaged or the brushes of these cleaners might leave marks over the carpet when used.

In such circumstances, the last option that remains is purchasing a new carpet cleaning machine for the home. However, there are a few aspects that must be taken into consideration when choosing a carpet cleaning machine.

Performance and Features

The most important aspect is the performance of the cleaner. The performance can depend on a number of factors like the suctioning power of the machine and the types of brushes the cleaner comes with, which determines its functionality. Although a cleaner with high-rating ampere does not necessarily mean better performance, it is a good indicator of higher power for the motor which, in turn, might mean sufficient suction power and better water extraction.

Another important aspect is the power of steam that the cleaner can produce. The steam is a powerful anti-bacterial agent and can kill a good number of harmful microorganisms that dwell and thrive on the carpets. Another reason for the importance of steam for a cleaner lays in the fact that it reduces the drying time of the carpet and speeds things up.


Price is not always the most defining aspect of a machine, but it must be considered as well. It must be determined what is affordable for a person and how many options do a cleaner feature at this price. This determines the value of the cleaner.


The ergonomics of the equipment must also be observed before buying. The cleaner should be convenient to use and move. For instance, the weight of the machine should not be so much that the person finds it difficult to work with. On the other hand, the cleaner should have a large tank as a water reservoir so that it needs to be filled less frequently.